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2-Tuesday – Content & Consistency – Profit Center Coach — goals

TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 812 – Don’t Forget the Batteries!

2-Tuesday - Content & Consistency Blog content Content Creative email marketing goals how do I sell more without spending more make more money using facebook marketing provide the entrepreneur marketing tips for success small business blog small business marketing Social marketing Success tips Tribe Building What do I write for customers to buy from me

Quote: Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea. ~Jim Rohn Tuesday: Content and Consistency   Much of my energy in writing this blog is to help you find your reason “why” to share content. The reason I focus on this is because when you’re […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #532 – Create Something to Share.

2-Tuesday - Content & Consistency become the vibe behind your tribe with consistent content Blog content Content DoingInfinity get customers to know like and trust you goals Loyalty marketing small business marketing ideas Success tips Tribe Building tribebuilding turn customers into a tribe

Grab Your Free Gift: The 5 C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine   “Sometimes you need to think about the result, not about the process…” Tuesday: Content and Consistency You need to create consistent content for your tribe.  In fact, even before they become a tribe you must position yourself as the Subject Matter Expert […]

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Episode #345 – When 6 Months Ago Isn’t Good Enough…

2-Tuesday - Content & Consistency Blog content Content Creative goals infinity marketing machine keep a calendar of deadlines and dates keeping info up to date marketing Planning Real world small business owner advice small business owner tip Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down” ABrodeur Don’t you love today’s inspiration?!?!  You can write down anything… I mean, you can write down that you went for a jog, ate fresh fruit and a salad, and slept 8 solid hours.  But, if your teeth are falling out from too […]

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Episode #339 – Your Number One Way to Be Taken Seriously Online is…

2-Tuesday - Content & Consistency be consistent with your content Business owner motivation Content goals infinity marketing machine level up with consistent content marketing small business content strategy small business motivation small business owner tip Success tips Two Minute Commute

“If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent.” – Joubert Botha Have you ever watched the 10:00 news?  What happens when you go to turn on the 10:00 news and the football game runs long and so the 10:00 news is not on? You feel like something just isn’t right. It’s the same feeling […]

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Episode #261 – Decide Right Now to Build a Relationship Instead of Providing Content.

2-Tuesday - Content & Consistency audio blog Blog content Business owner motivation content and consistency for posts decide what day you will create decide what day you will post goals marketing Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” Jon Buscall WOW!  This is one of the best quotes I’ve heard about social marketing.  Our theme on Tuesdays is Content & Consistency, because they go together.  You must create content and provide it on a regular basis to your audience. Your audience are your followers.  They […]

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