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Episode #288 – How Pizza Can Contain Oil Slicks…

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“You don’t have to be big – you have to be remarkable.” Unknown Sometimes there is money you save and sometimes there is money you are prevented from spending.  I like both and that’s what happened today. I attended a regional conference for our marina industry.  We had several speakers and it was a refreshing […]

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Episode #276 – Learn to Sell!

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“If you’re not willing to put in the effort, don’t expect anything in return.” I do not understand the lack of fundraisers these days.  I’ve heard of more school groups starting “go fund me” or what ever they’re called.  It drives me insane.  There’s a certain disdain for selling. Sure… there’s a logical argument of […]

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Episode #264 – Here’s How to Create Money… Every Day!

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“A Businessman multiplies money but an entrepreneur creates it.” Would you rather have your money double or would you rather create it?  I’d like both!  And really, any opportunity to increase your money has to be on your “do it” list, but let’s look at creating money. Entrepreneurs have the ability to take nothing and […]

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