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6- Saturday – Try This! – Profit Center Coach — increase sales at small business

TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #566 – Keeping In the Loop

6- Saturday - Try This! branding Create an activity board Customers how to build a tribe how to capture a vibe increase sales at small business marketing Success tips Tribe Building

Saturday: Try This What’s happening?  I wish there was a sign so I could find out! I saw this sign at Disney and thought, with all the technology around, this is pretty cool – an old schools sign. This was in the lobby and it’s attractive and movable AND informative. It helps to, guess what… […]

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Episode #265 – What’s Your Elevator Speech?

6- Saturday - Try This! Creative Customers elevator space what to do elevator speech increase sales at small business marketing Real world small business advice small business owner tip Success tips successful small business ideas

It’s Saturday – that means it’s “try this” for our daily blog post!  So here’s the question, “Who has spare time?”  If you’re laughing… how about your customers in an elevator or your customers in a restroom!  What are you doing to engage their spare time? It’s funny that in a world where our attention […]

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