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6- Saturday – Try This! – Profit Center Coach — recretainment

TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 990 – How to Create a Good Vibe!

6- Saturday - Try This! Blog content Business owner motivation create a good vibe Creative flowers create memories marketing Real world recretainment small business blog small business marketing Success tips

Saturday Blog Topic: Try this   How do you create a memory?  This is one of the most important things you can do at your business.  Believe it or not… you are creating memories every day!  They should be good, but the might be “not so good”. The irony is, what is creating the memories… […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #590 – How are Car Washes and Ballpoint Pens the Same?

6- Saturday - Try This! Customers DoingInfinity fancy car wash marketing marketing Real world recretainment Sales small business owner marketing tips Success tips wow moments wow your customers

Quote: “You paid for the whole show” Saturday: Try This!   The quote for today is one I use regularly.  In the summer we rent boats and we have several regular customers.  They come in a couple times a week. The process to check out a boat is to listen to our orientation to the […]

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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 464 – Go Live, Get Pearls!

6- Saturday - Try This! Content Creative DoingInfinity experience marketing marketing oysters and pearls Real world recretainment small business owner advice Success tips

Saturday: Try This! Go Live! Ok, it’s not exactly what you think… but we’ll get to the thing you are thinking of! EPCOT at Disney World is kind of a cool place. I like the International Showcase. I was a student in Japan for a semester and the EPCOT version is pretty true to real […]

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Episode #337 – It’s a Chalk Board, It’s a Clip Board, No It’s a Calendar!

6- Saturday - Try This! create a calendar with clipboards Customers marketing Real world recretainment small business owner inspiration small business real world tip specials and promotions at small business Success tips

If you’ve got a large wall space, this is a great idea!  If you’ve got a small wall space, it’s still a great idea, you just might need to modify it. I was leaving the grocery store and I saw this really cool large wall calendar!  It’s awesome.  The clip boards hang on nails… that […]

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Episode #319 – Old School AND New School Marketing at the SAME TIME.

6- Saturday - Try This! Business owner motivation Creative marketing online reviews print up online reviews Real world recretainment small business owner tip Success tips try this at your business

Fantastic Idea Alert! You need to do this.  Oh my… and it’s so simple.  Print up your good reviews and post them on a bulletin board.   I saw this at the RV show.  If you’ve never been to an RV show, you’ve got to go!  There are some pretty amazing vehicles out there.  AND they […]

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