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6- Saturday – Try This! – Profit Center Coach

Episode #386 – The Interactive Stop.

6- Saturday - Try This! add an ipad to intereact consistent message by video Creative Customers marketing Real world small business owner advice Success tips try this at your business

Saturday Try This! Add an Ipad or tablet to your waiting area!   And by waiting area, I mean any area your customer has spare time.  This could be outside a restroom area, or near a cash register… or even add a tablet in an area you need a sales person but simply don’t have a […]

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Episode #380 – Why You Need to Tell Them How

6- Saturday - Try This! Business owner motivation disney room video infinity marketing machine marketing onboarding your customers Real world Sales share information small business owner advice Success tips try this Two Minute Commute

It’s Saturday… Try This! A couple thoughts before I begin… First, if you love staying at Disney World, this is going to make you want to go on vacation.  Second, I know, I know… our businesses are not Disney World. That being said, here’s a video from my recent stay at Disney World.  It’s the […]

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Episode #373 – The Disappearing Question

6- Saturday - Try This! Business owner motivation Creative customer interaction idea get a white board marketing Real world small business owner advice Success tips write a survey question on write on wipe off board

It’s Saturday — TRY THIS! We’ve reached the digital age.  We have iPhones, iPads, digital menu boards, internet, electronic surveys… really super fancy things. Get rid of them! I love being crazy… but on my most recent trip to Disney World I saw the coolest thing.  A simple white board on an easel.  That’s it! […]

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Episode #367 – Show Off Your Accomplishments

6- Saturday - Try This! awards marketing Business owner motivation Content Customers marketing show off your accomlishments simonson salons small business owner advice Social proof subject matter expert Success tips

Saturday – Try This! I finally got my hair cut!  It’s a very exciting day… I use “hair cut” to disguise the real message which is I finally had the time to get my hair colored.  OH yes… that’s much better. First thing that greeted me as I sat down in front of the mirror […]

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Episode #361 – How Do You Display Your Talents?

6- Saturday - Try This! Carved chocolate eggs decorated eggs easter display at Disney World marketing Small Business owner motivation try this

Try This! Showcase your talent in a different way!  Here are a few photos of a display at the Beach Club Hotel at Disney World shortly before Easter. What you’re looking at is the creation of the bakery cast!  All 500 pounds of chocolate… yummmm.  The display could have been put behind glass, but it’s […]

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