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6- Saturday – Try This! – Profit Center Coach

Episode #313 – Is Your Garbage Can or Cannotting?

6- Saturday - Try This! garbage cans make an impression garbage cans or cannots impressions for garbage cans and bathrooms marketing new orleans convention center Real world small business owner advice small business success tip Success tips trash cans and small business

“It’s called a garbage can, not a garbage cannot” Ha ha ha – I think I’m stretching today for the inspiration!  But it cracked me up. Happy Saturday – it’s our “Try This” topic day.  And today I’m bringing to attention the condition of your garbage can. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING & Look at […]

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Episode #307 – Two Reasons Why The Atlanta Airport has AWESOME Restrooms!

6- Saturday - Try This! atlanta airport restroom awesome way to take a survey Business owner motivation clean bathrooms clean restroom marketing Real world Success tips survey taking surveys for business Two Minute Commute

Hello Atlanta!  Your restroom was exceptional! Last night I had a connecting flight through Atlanta.  I wasn’t thrilled… I still had (have) a head cold and I do what ever I can to take direct flights.  SO traveling from Concourse A to E was not the highlight of my day… until I stopped at the […]

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Episode #301 -People Love Photos… So Give Them What They Love!

6- Saturday - Try This! add digital frame for services Creative Customers digital frame in store easy solutions to small business marketing marketing recretainment Success tips

Try This Quick and simple idea alert!  Share photos! You’ve seen people share photos on the internet using a Facebook feed… but, how about in their store? Digital frames are cheap!  When you put it on your your counter you can share your services “in action”. It helps to show your services that may not […]

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Episode #295 – What Part of Your Trash is Really Treasure?

6- Saturday - Try This! big money boat canvas shop makes bags marketing minneapolis boat show Real world Sales scraps can make money small business ideas small business tip Success tips turn trash to treasure

Happy Saturday – it’s our Try This topic and I LOVE this topic.  It’s awesome… its an idea that’s in the bag.  HAHA Last weekend was the Minneapolis Boat Show. Great event, lots of fun to see so many people excited about boating and dreaming of summer in the dead of winter… well all of […]

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Episode #289 – Custom Domains Give Your Marketing Image a Boost

6- Saturday - Try This! Creative custom domain marketing Real world recretainment small business owner advice small business owner tip Success tips use personalized domain

Saturday Try This Two awesome tips from one fantastic promotion. I received this promotion in the mail from the Disney Vacation Club.  Anything that arrives from the DVC goes to the top of my “open” pile.  They come up with some of the neatest promotional pieces.  My favorite, if I can take a trip down […]

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