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Episode #227 – Create a “Wow-In-Waiting” to Enhance Your Infinity Marketing Machine.

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers audio blog bad weather at a marina create wow moments Customers keurig coffee on demand marketing Real world Social marketing Success tips Two Minute Commute wow in waiting for customers you can't control the weather

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them…” Pretend you are the customer.  You ask, “When is that order going to be ready?”  The salesperson answers,  “January 15”. January 15 rolls up.  The order...

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Episode #223 – Creative Popsicle Post that Makes You Thirsty

Blog content Content Creative marketing national day of for marketing ideas national popsicle day pair wine and popsicles Real world Social marketing social marketing idea Success tips Two Minute Commute

I love finding creative posts that pop up on my social media feeds.  Pieces of information that you see and say, “Yes! They get it” — here’s one… I mention using the “National day of” as a source of inspiration for your posts when you...

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Episode #211 – Who Else Wants a Clever Marketing Idea?

Creative great idea to try marketing Real world real world marketing tip Sales small business owner advice small business tips social marketing Success tips

Even though I often mention my need to be the “cool aunt”… I can’t take credit for this idea, my niece is the smart one. She gave her mom a gift… her mom loved it!  OK, I thought it was pretty cool… so I decided...

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Episode #186 – Capture Customer Information Now, You’ll Be Glad You Did Later!

audio blog Customers find new customers infinity customer marketing one and done customer Real world Success tips traditional adverstiing vs infinity marketing machine Two Minute Commute

Do you operate as a one and done business or an infinity customer business?  The traditional advertising model has pushed business to advertise “blanket” style.  We created an ad and placed in a general publication and we waited.  We waited for customers to show up....

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Episode #175 – You Don’t Have to Spend 3 Hours a Day on Social Media Marketing to Achieve Success

audio blog Business owner motivation goals how to do social media right how to make a social marketing work for small business marketing Planning Real world small business owner success Social marketing social marketing for busy small business Success tips Two Minute Commute

Achieve Success by defining what you really want out of your Social Media Marketing campaign.

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