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Episode #372 – When 7″ Creates a HUGE Change

5- Friday - Big Money big money Business owner motivation Customers infinity marketing machine marketing Real world small business owner advice store redeisgn Success tips think of how your customers will use Two Minute Commute

“It all Seems IMPOSSIBLE Until It’s Done.” Nelson Mandela We’re getting close to our store “re-imagining” project being done… About 3 weeks ago we entered “what on earth did we get ourselves into” phase… ok we used slightly saltier language!  haha  But you get my...

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Week in Review – #362 to #367 – Tips and Ideas to Improve Sales for Small Business Owners

7- Sunday - Week in Review audio blog Business owner motivation Content make more money tips marketing Real world small business marketing ideas small business owner tips small business podcast and blog Success tips Two Minute Commute week in review

In case you missed an Episode… here’s a link to Episodes 362 – 367 of The Two Minute Commute on   Episode #362 – Monday – Really, I’m a Real Person. Episode #363 – Tuesday – Why Do You Need to Make Time for...

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Episode #366 – Small Change Doesn’t Mean Effortless!

5- Friday - Big Money big money big money small change Business owner motivation marketing Real world rearrange and new product mix small business owner tip Success tips Two Minute Commute update your store

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Maya Angelou Oh gosh… today was a big one.  It started at 8 with the ice cream company picking up the freezer.  This was...

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Episode #355 – When a Selfie Isn’t Good Enough

6- Saturday - Try This! Blog content Content Creative disney institute make a photo stop marketing Next big thing Real world safe harbor marina sheraton san diego small business marketing tip small business owner success Success tips successcon Two Minute Commute

I know from the back stage tours and seminars I’ve taken from Disney Institute that they do not designate a particular “spot” as a photo stop.  Their reasoning is that everyone would stop in that one area and it would get congested. The next time...

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Episode #351 – Go Live!

2-Tuesday - Content & Consistency audio blog Blog content Content content creation for small business go live - press live marketing Real world Success tips Two Minute Commute Use Live in your business

“You won the lottery. You have an expensive phone in your hand… go out and create content. NO excuses” from a Tweet… Wow.  Were you looking for a reality check to start your Tuesday morning?  Here you go! You have the equivalent of a TV...

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