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3- Wednesday – Midweek Motivation – Profit Center Coach

TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #563 – Turn Mundane Tasks Into Exciting Learning Opportunities

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation create excitment on a mundane day Creative DoingInfinity flying in comfort goals marketing sky couch small business marketing Success tips Tribe Building

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Gandhi Wednesday: Midweek Motivation   This is definitely the type type of quote you want to print up and hang on the wall.  It’s so AMAZING.  You totally want to stand at the top of a hill, arms outstretched, […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #557 – Don’t Quit… Tweak!

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation adjust your goal Business owner motivation don't quit goals learn to adjust your goal process marketing small business owner tip Success tips

Quote: “Your Dream Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date.” KTWitten Wednesday: Midweek Motivation How’s your goal? Sounds a little funny. But it’s real! We talk about the weather… but rarely our goals!  And today is January 9th… 9 days after the “big” day for goal setting occurs.   HA! Do you remember your resolution, quite possibly it’s […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #551 – WHY You Can Have Success!

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation Blog content Business owner motivation don't quit find your why how do you get motivated marketing motivation to keep going small business owner tip

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.” Wednesday: Midweek Motivation   One of the biggest motivators you’ll find is “why” – and not “why” as in “why me”. The reason I’m bringing this up is because, well, yesterday some of you planned for an amazing day full of new starts!  Hopes and dreams […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #545 – Goal + Plan + Future = Success

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation DoingInfinity goal achievement versus goal setting goals marketing set goals to attain small business owner tip Success tips use SMART goal setting

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be” Ralph Waldo Emerson Wednesday: Midweek Motivation   Is it already Wednesday?  It’s crazy how we lose time when holidays happen! Well… I’ve got another “lose time” reality check for you.  This time next week we’re already one full day into […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #539 – You Are What You Hear.

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation Business owner motivation energize yourself with what you attract goals marketing Planning seek out positive messages small business owner tip Success tips surround yourself with positive people and vibes

Grab Your Free Gift: The 5 C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine   “Your ears are not trash cans, stop listening to garbage.” Wednesday: Midweek Motivation   Do you find at times that you just can’t “handle” people talking?  Maybe they’re in person or on TV… but their message is just, so not you? Then […]

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