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6- Saturday – Try This! – Profit Center Coach — Two Minute Commute

Episode #331 – The Fun is in the Details!

6- Saturday - Try This! chalkboard on boogie board create an experience at your business marketing Real world small business owner tip Success tips try this at your business Two Minute Commute

Your business is an experience.  Whether you believe this or not… YOUR BUSINESS IS AN EXPERIENCE! Here’s why this is true… When you visit someone’s home is it an experience?  How about when you visit your friend’s office?  Better yet… tell me all about the feeling you get visiting the dentist’s office… yeah, the dentist […]

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Episode #307 – Two Reasons Why The Atlanta Airport has AWESOME Restrooms!

6- Saturday - Try This! atlanta airport restroom awesome way to take a survey Business owner motivation clean bathrooms clean restroom marketing Real world Success tips survey taking surveys for business Two Minute Commute

Hello Atlanta!  Your restroom was exceptional! Last night I had a connecting flight through Atlanta.  I wasn’t thrilled… I still had (have) a head cold and I do what ever I can to take direct flights.  SO traveling from Concourse A to E was not the highlight of my day… until I stopped at the […]

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