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6- Saturday – Try This! – Profit Center Coach

Episode #337 – It’s a Chalk Board, It’s a Clip Board, No It’s a Calendar!

6- Saturday - Try This! create a calendar with clipboards Customers marketing Real world recretainment small business owner inspiration small business real world tip specials and promotions at small business Success tips

If you’ve got a large wall space, this is a great idea!  If you’ve got a small wall space, it’s still a great idea, you just might need to modify it. I was leaving the grocery store and I saw this really cool large wall calendar!  It’s awesome.  The clip boards hang on nails… that […]

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Episode #331 – The Fun is in the Details!

6- Saturday - Try This! chalkboard on boogie board create an experience at your business marketing Real world small business owner tip Success tips try this at your business Two Minute Commute

Your business is an experience.  Whether you believe this or not… YOUR BUSINESS IS AN EXPERIENCE! Here’s why this is true… When you visit someone’s home is it an experience?  How about when you visit your friend’s office?  Better yet… tell me all about the feeling you get visiting the dentist’s office… yeah, the dentist […]

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Episode #325 – It Was National Day Of Coolers With Blenders! Really… It Was!

6- Saturday - Try This! Creative email marketing great idea to try marketing national margarita day Real world small business marketing idea small business owner advice small business owner tip Success tips use the national day of in your marketing campaign

It’s not National Margarita Day anymore… but none the less, we’re going to talk about this super great post.  I received this in an email, I loved it… immediately! Alright, this product is cool – I mean who doesn’t want a cooler that has a blender right on the top of it?  Awesome. But even […]

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Episode #319 – Old School AND New School Marketing at the SAME TIME.

6- Saturday - Try This! Business owner motivation Creative marketing online reviews print up online reviews Real world recretainment small business owner tip Success tips try this at your business

Fantastic Idea Alert! You need to do this.  Oh my… and it’s so simple.  Print up your good reviews and post them on a bulletin board.   I saw this at the RV show.  If you’ve never been to an RV show, you’ve got to go!  There are some pretty amazing vehicles out there.  AND they […]

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Episode #313 – Is Your Garbage Can or Cannotting?

6- Saturday - Try This! garbage cans make an impression garbage cans or cannots impressions for garbage cans and bathrooms marketing new orleans convention center Real world small business owner advice small business success tip Success tips trash cans and small business

“It’s called a garbage can, not a garbage cannot” Ha ha ha – I think I’m stretching today for the inspiration!  But it cracked me up. Happy Saturday – it’s our “Try This” topic day.  And today I’m bringing to attention the condition of your garbage can. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING & Look at […]

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